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UPDATE: February 10, 2015
Here is an important minor update to the one in October that we did not do more with than post here, and thus most of you were not aware of it or the continuing need to finish our fund raising campaign that began last summer.

Calling All Angels!

Senior, novice, and all the levels in between.

The bookstores need each of you.

Over the last three years, we’ve all helped create two wonderful used bookstores in Dallas neighborhoods (which have not had such stores in many years if ever) to compliment the original one in downtown Mesquite. But they are not yet self-sustaining and need your help immediately if they are to survive much longer.

I say “we’ve all” because stores like these are not built just by the owners of them, but rather by a creative staff, and by patrons who are willing to share their books, movies, and music with their neighborhoods making the enjoyment of these pursuits more affordable and interesting for everyone.

This is a personal appeal to each of you to be an angel as your means permit and make a difference in the lives of so many by helping save some of the most engaging bookstores in town.

We could use an entity like Indiegogo to try to do this, but there is a lot lost to overhead there and that model seems to rely on asking you to just donate money in exchange for some lesser value of premiums or recognition. We are not doing that. We feel more comfortable giving you full value in the bookstores for any help which you provide.

There are several ways that you can be of help that you will find listed here with links to more info about each. Even the smallest of these (our new Mini-Gift Certificate bookmarks with a value $5) can make a big difference when combined with the also new ability to “subscribe” to the bookstores through Paypal for as little as one of these each month.

For those of you with more resources, please check out the section involving the financing for two of the locations and consider helping us redo these mortgages that we have on those buildings that we own or are buying in order to give these bookstores greater long term stability. We need to reduce the interest rate on one of them and lengthen the term of repayment on them all to improve our monthly cash flow position.

We hate having to ask you for this, but we here at the bookstores have put everything we can into them and find they need a little bit more to finally get over the hump.

UPDATE: October 15, 2014

Thanks to those of you who helped out back in August with purchasing Gift Certificates and Special Book Certificates to assist the bookstores in getting past an unexpected hurdle that came up. And that month was our best month of sales at all three bookstores since the Great Move of the Lakewood bookstore to Lochwood, and the opening of the Oak Cliff bookstore.

However, we still need to get back to finishing our original fund raising goal which we began back in the late spring, of which we accomplished about 70% of our needs. This has become extremely important since this last part of these funds was needed to be able to promote the bookstores so that we can finally get our monthly volume up to a sustainable level by letting more folks know about the wonders of these bookstores, and the money to be saved by using them.

And our time to achieve this is running really short. Our landlord at the Oak Cliff location has been incredibly understanding and patient over the last year or more in which we have not been able to pay him more than about 35% of the amount that we originally agreed to. He now has a new potential tenant that will pay the full amount. He is in no position to turn this down unless we have strong support from our neighborhood to show him that it would be a sound choice to keep the bookstore.

Buying regular Gift Certificates or Special Book Certificates are still the primary way to help us in this effort and they now enjoy a bonus of 2 $5-off bookmarks as a thank you for purchases of either amounting to at least $100 and each additional increment of this amount.

We are also adding the ability to purchase smaller single use "certificates" in the form of the $5-off bookmarks that we have given away on occasion, and the capability to subscribe to a certain number of these or their equivalent each month that can be received by email. Please click the link for them to learn about some of the helpful uses that we envision for these.

Click on any of these items to get more info about them and to make a purchase online. Or you can buy or order them at any of the three bookstores.

UPDATE: August 12, 2014

This week, we need to raise $7,500.00 by selling 75 Gift Certificates or Special Book Certificates for $100 each in order to pay our most pressing outstanding obligation.

That's only 25 per bookstore. Will yours be the first to achieve this and which of you will put us over the top? To encourage you, we are adding a little bonus value to each purchase at this $100.00 level.

Buy a Gift Certificate at this level and get a $5-off bookmark as a thank you. Or buy a Special Book Certificate for this amount and get 2 $5-off bookmarks as well as the other special benefits of these.

Click on either of these items to get more info about them and to make a purchase online. Or you can buy or order them at any of the three bookstores.

UPDATE: July 30, 2014
If you'd like to see the original of this page or get get more background info, please scroll down this page past this update section.

We have made a lot of progress on our original goals. But we still have some ways to go.

We have been able to take care of what were the most pressing needs when we first started this a couple months ago.

Now the things that weren't so immediate then need to be taken care of now so we can get back on an even keel.

We got a big part of the way when a generous soul made a substantial loan on one of the buildings in Mesquite.

We could get most of the of the way to the finish if someone else or a group of you can make a smaller loan on the smaller building in Mesquite. Please email me if you would like to explore this option:

Special Book Certificates

More help came from those of you who have already purchased Special Book Certificates at various levels from $100 all the way up to our first two helpers to earn a lifetime discount in all of our bookstores at $1,000 and $5,000 respectively.

Another way you and others can help us get the rest of the way to our goals is by making more use of these Special Book Certificates in one of several ways, whether for personal or philanthropic use, and whether by yourself or with a small group. They are described in more detail here, where there is also a menu for purchasing them through Paypal as there is further down this page.

Making More Use of the Bookstores

You can also help the bookstores in a mighty way by making more use of the bookstores themselves, whether by hosting browsing parties with your friends and family seeing what you each can find.

By creating your own book club, mentoring group, or other happening in one of our "living room" community rooms at either Dallas bookstore, the use of which is most often free except for tidying up afterwards. These can be one time or ongoing. If you have an idea or project that can make use of this resource, please email us at

Gift Certificates

Or by sharing the bookstores with those who have never quite made it through the front door yet, whether they are friends or others such as students that you want to support, by using our old style paper gift certificates in any of a variety of ways that will benefit them and help us at the same time. For some you may be providing that last needed incentive to bring them to one of the bookshops to see what is to be found in our very broad selections of recycled books, movies, music and miscellany. Some ideas are detailed here where they can also be purchased if you'd like to use the mail rather than picking them up when in the bookstores where we try to keep a plentiful supply.

Bringing More Recently Published Books

And lastly, you can help the bookstores if you can afford to buy one or more new current books every so often that you bring to any of the bookstores while still current. We can pay a premium for them if we get them soon enough. Find out more about this here.

Whether you can do this monthly, weekly, or only annually, this sort of habit at a variety of frequencies on everyone's part can feed a river of recycled copies of all sorts of things for you and all our other readers to partake of as you share each other's original purchases so that in the end you each only have to buy some of your reading at new prices getting the rest at a great bargain by paying for half of the used prices with the store credit from the things you brought.

Do You Still Need Us

What we are really in the process of doing here is finding out if enough of you have enough use for us to make it practical for a place to be here for the functionality that we can offer to your life and your family, friends and neighbors.

We have presented a variety of ways to approach helping the bookstores as suits your circumstances and interests. To the degree that we can accomplish these financial goals right here through our own web site or in the bookstores themselves, we are able to put more of the money raised to the purposes needed.

If you think of other ways in which we might be useful to your and yours, please share them with us at

Your help will be much appreciated.

FIRST POSTING: June 6, 2014

The following links will present the details of our situation as well as of three ways
that you can be of help either immediately or for the longer term:

The Situation, Money, Books, and Awareness.

The following buttons are also at the bottom of the "Money" page, and so you will come to them again if you'd like to go there to see the details of that part of things, and more about how the Special Book Certificates, that you can buy with one of these, will work for you.

We present them here in case you already know that you want to participate financially and just want to get that done, and can do so comfortably.

Special Book Certificates

We are not looking for anyone's life savings or for someone to go in the hole for us. This should be money that you won't miss day to day until we get over the hump, and we can pay you back.

We are not really encouraging outright donations, but if that is your preference, we present that option as well.

Feel free to drop me a line at if you have further questions, suggestions for other ways that folks might help us that you don't see here or wish to get involved at some different level than presented here.