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More Cash Paid for Current Books

If you buy new copies of current books, it can cost you as much as 20% less to read them if you will sell them back to us soon enough.

Although there are many books for which we can pay cash everyday at the bookstores, we have raised what we offer for lots of the more current ones.

If we can get them while we still have a high demand for them, we can now pay you up to 20% of the publisher's suggested price.

By "current" we mean those first published within the last few months, especially the most recent month or two. So, if you can get in the habit of coming by every couple of weeks with the new books you've just finished, we may be able to save you a substantial amount on your costs of reading the newest titles.

And, if enough of you do this, when you bring yours in, there will be a better chance that we'll have some of these current titles on hand for you to select from so that you can save even more by buying a recycled one to begin with.

This additional premium payment for very current books applies just as well to recycled copies that are returned to the bookstores while we still need them.

As always, any cash offers depend upon condition and our need for the specific titles at the time you bring them in since we tend to get enough of some more quickly than others.

And as ever, all items are still worth more in trade credit if you will use it to pay for up to half of your purchases of used items when you shop at Lucky Dog Books in Lochwood and North Oak Cliff and/or at Paperbacks Plus in downtown Mesquite.

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This page created July 28, 2014.