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Money Needs

We need to raise some money for the stores in addition to our normal sales. This money is for a couple of things: (1) to retire some obligations that we have put off as long as we can and that we must now take care of; and (2) to pay for a real advertising campaign to allow us to more quickly realize the increase in traffic that will insure the continuation of the bookstores.

We need about 60% of it right away (this next week) and the rest over the next one-two months. Our overall goal is $80,000. We have raised about 15% of this amount already.

We are trying to raise it in $1,000 increments which was the amount that our anonymous participant put forward, so that we can get this done as soon as possible. But you may choose a lesser amount if this does not suit your situation. Any amount will be considered a loan to be repaid.

We are not encouraging out right donations, but if for whatever reason that is your preference, there is a secondary Paypal button at the very bottom of this page for that purpose.

One way to help the bookstores that gives back to you directly is to buy one or more of our Special Book Certificates.

These Certificates are like gift certificates but with a few important differences.

Although you can buy these for gifts or to donate, they are primarily for your own needs and those of your family.

When you use them like you would a gift certificate for your own purchases, you earn a 10% bonus on the amount that you use within each year that you own it.

If there is any of it that you have not used the previous year, you earn 6% interest on this remaining balance on the anniversary of its purchase.

One qualification is that you must hold it for 6 months before it can be used.

If you are able to buy one for $1,000 or more you will receive a lifetime discount of 10% off the cash part of any purchase of recycled books, movies or music at any of the three locations.

Should you be able to buy one for $5,000, you will receive a 15% lifetime discount. For $10,000, a similar 20% discount. And for anything $20,000 or more, 25% off.

For all of the amounts of $1,000 or more, you can combine with up to 3 other people to achieve a particular level with each of you receiving the appropriate discount for the "bundled" amount.

Anyone who owns one of these that still has a balance after three years may apply to have it retired in cash. They will continue to earn 6% simple interest on the remaining balance as of each anniversary until retired. We will retire such certificates at the rate of $1,000 per month on a first come first serve basis determined by the date on which the application for retirement was received

These Certificates are transferrable, and they along with the appropriate discount where applicable may be given to someone else or donated to a worthy cause. You may also give away just the certificate and keep the discount for yourself.

One suggestion for the use of these Certificates would be that they can be donated to a school (such as Lumin Education, the former East Dallas Community School), library, church or other institution that uses books so that they can choose from our selections. We have several schools that have store credit accounts that have been set up by parents, teachers or PTA groups associated with them.

One of these using a $1,000 Certificate could get as much as ~$2,200 in books and stuff without paying any cash if they had enough store credit to match it. And some do have this much, while others might be encouraged to bring more stuff to trade-in if they had such a generous incentive. In fact such a gift to them could be contingent on them matching it in this fashion to further involvement and participation at their particular facility through a book drive or the like. Just a thought in case it might apply to your situation.

There will be a few other details that will apply such as our right to retire a certificate in full at any time with interest due pro-rated from the last anniversary. These will be provided with your certificate or you may get them by emailing to

If you have any other questions, suggestions or comments, please drop me a line at:

Below is a Paypal button if you should wish to proceed now.

If you wish to do something in person at one of the bookstores, just use the email address above to let me know, and I will meet you at the store of your choice to take care of this personally with you.

Special Book Certificates

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