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Thank you for stopping by to see how you might help
Lucky Dog Books and Paperbacks Plus.

Please click this link if you wish to know more about the overall situation or see updates
along the way from when we started this campaign earlier this year in June.

Ways To Support The Bookstores

Gift Certificates

One of the easiest ways to help the bookstores right now is to use our old fashioned, printed on real paper, store gift certificates.

These can be purchased at any of our locations, or here to be mailed to you, or to someone else by using the menu and button provided here.

Gift Certificates

Here is a link to our page about Gift Certificates to learn more about them.

Mini-Gift Certificates

One of the most flexible and inexpensive ways to help the bookstores right now is to buy and distribute these $5.00off single-use mini gift certificates.

These can also be purchased at any of our locations, or here if you wish to have one or more mailed to you or someone else. Please use the menu and button provided here to do so.

Here is a link to our page about Mini-Gift Certificates to learn more about them including suggestions for their use.

$5-Off Bookmarks

Or you can order any number of these by clicking this Shopping Cart button and editing the quantity in the Cart.

We also want to encourage those of you who are able to make a monthly subscription through Paypal to buy one or more of these every month for a period of time.

Monthly Subscription Amount

If you should need to unsubscribe, please use this button:

Special Book Certificates

One way to help the bookstores that gives back to you directly is to buy one or more of our Special Book Certificates.

These Certificates are like gift certificates but with a few important differences. Although you can buy these for gifts or to donate, they are primarily for your own needs and those of your family. Please click here to learn how these can make you money while you use them to shop at the bookstores.

Special Book Certificates

Re-Financing Our Mortgages

We know that this will only apply to a very small group of readers, but it is a very important part of what we need to accomplish. And so, we need to take every opportunity to try to reach the right angel(s) to help us improve our cash flow situation quite measurably in this way.

It will be simplest if one person is able to make us a single mortgage on all of the buildings of the bookstores, but they can be done separately by different individuals or by one or more groups of you partnered together to achieve this part of our goal.

Please click here to visit our page that gives more of the specifics of this part of things.

Shopping In The Bookstores

All of the items above are largely to raise in a relatively short period of time the money needed to pay off our remaining obligations and to establish a fund to use better advertising the bookstores. But day in and day out, we need to increase our volume by about 20% in order to be paying as we go and avoiding falling behind once again. There are several ways that you can help do this.

1) Know you're coming to one of the bookstores, text a friend to meet you there to share the experience with you. Or meet up at one of the bookstores with friends before or after all going to dinner and see who finds something worth telling about.

2) Develop a habit of buying a Mini-Gift Certificate each month to stash away to use later to buy gifts when an occasion arises or to use as stocking stuffers, etc during the holidays.

3) When shopping at one of the bookstores, select one more book, movie or piece of music for a friend or a child you know to surprise them with.

4) "Pay it forward" by buying an item to leave on the Free shelves outside the bookstore either for someone who can't afford even our low prices, or as a pleasant surprise for someone who's feeling a bit down and could use a little serendipity to boost their spirits.

Feel free to drop me a line at if you have further questions, suggestions for other ways that folks might help us that you don't see here, or wish to get involved at some different level than presented here.