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Increasing Awareness of the Bookstores

This one involves helping us spread the word about the bookstores so that more folks are aware of us and what we have to offer.

There is no set way to do this, but given today's interconnected world, there seem to be many avenues available depending on what you personall are comfortable with. And we think that many of you will have ideas that we haven't thought of.

Some simple examples would of course be using Facebook and the like to share your knowledge of the stores with those that you think may be interested in such things.

Or inviting others to meet you at one of the stores, even if you are going on elsewhere, as a way to introduce those who may have heard of us but just not yet quite made it in to see for themselves.

Another would be making use of the program/community rooms at the two Dallas stores for informal get togethers, or something as organized as a book club or discussion group. There is no charge for using these rooms other than tidying them up when you are done if no money is being collected for admission or sold items.

A really simple one is to take a few extra bookmarks when you are leaving one of the stores to pass along to others you notice reading as you go about your daily activities. Giving one of these to such as person can be a good way to make a new acquaintenance or have an easy conversation starter.

These are just a few ways that come to mind. We will add others as time goes along. You are welcome to submit suggestions that you don't see here.

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