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Book Needs

There are several ways that you can help us with books. we'll mention some of them now and update this page as others come to mind.

First is that we need more current books to sell in the stores. All used books had to start as new ones. So if you are able to buy a new current paperback or two each week, or each month and bring these to one of the stores right after you finish your reading if you don't want to keep them while they are still current, it will help provide fresh things for your fellow customers to buy and continue to circulate. We can even pay cash instead of store credit if you prefer for most of these if we get them soon enough (in this regard you need to be alert for re-issues that we may already have older copies of since we wouldn't usually be able to pay cash for those except in unusual circumstances.)

Second, there are some kinds of books that we will need almost anything whether current or not. These can change, but for instance, right now we can use all the paperback westerns as well as any Spanish books of whatever description (other than textbooks, although we always need dictionaries) that we can get.

Third, some of you who like to stop at garage sales can keep us in mind if you should see what looks like a nice batch of books for sale and give us a call with the address in case we can stop by ourselves to see what we can use for the stores.

Or a more active variation that can make you some money potentially would be for you to begin to pick some up at places like this and bring them to us to see what we can buy from you at a price where you can make something on them yourself while providing us with some different stuff for our other customers to browse. To do this successfully, you would need to pay attention to what we buy and don't buy each time so that you can learn what is worth messing with.

Lastly, if you should notice a category in one of the bookstores that is a bit thin either in terms of the number of books or diversity, this is often a sign that we're not having enough of these come in compared to the number going out. If you can bring some of yours that you've finished with,it will help to fill/replenish such a section and maybe encourage others to bring theirs as well if they see more to select from when they browse.

We've noticed that if it seems that a given area is harder to come by, this can cause folks to tend to hold on to theirs for fear that they will not find more to replace ones that they might have brought to the stores.

Thanks for any help you can be in one or more of these areas. We'll add more categories to the above as they become relevant.

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