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Wowapi is the creation of Roxy and Judy Gordon, for more than twenty years two of East Dallas' most iconoclastic, creative forces. Roxy could loosely be described as a writer, artist and performer. Judy as an artist, musician and writer. Together they traveled, exhibited, published and performed all over the western part of the North American continent. A couple of years before the twentieth century turned into the new millennium, Judy and Roxy and their younger son Quanah moved back to the Gordon homeplace in Coleman County, near Abilene, Texas. Roxy died on February 7, 2000. Judy lives on at the ranch and would love to hear from you.
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    "Picking up the Tempo" -- REDUX 2001
    Judy Gordon (widow of Roxy Gordon) edits an online journal - "Picking Up The Tempo: a country western journal." If you want to read it in on-line form, email her at

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    Roxy & Townes live on in new CD from Wowapi
    TOWNES ASKED - CD by Roxy Gordon CD by: Roxy Gordon & Wes McGhee
    Released by: Wowapi

          The following quotes from the booklet that accompanies the CD serve as an eloquent and excellent introduction to the writings and recordings of the late Roxy Gordon. I'll begin with the last one, from Elmer Kelton whose book, THE TIME IT NEVER RAINED, was one of Roxy's favorites, along with William Faulker's AS I LAY DYING, and Peter Matthiessen's AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD and IN THE SPIRIT OF CRAZY HORSE. Bob Trammell and Roy Hamric are Dallas area writers and long-time friends of Judy and Roxy Gordon. The CD cover photo of Roxy was taken by Roy Hamric.

    Now the quotes:

    "Roxy Gordon knows both Indian ways and rural Texas ways, and they come out in his earthy recitation about a side of life most of us will never know or quite understand."
    - Elmer Kelton

    "With the angels of Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt in the air Roxy takes us on a trip from the heart of West Texas and Indian country through the late 20th century American nightmare in Dallas and points west. In his defiant voice a culture stays alive. The spirit of our time survives in his stories. In his songs ancient spirits dance."
    - Bob Trammell

    "TOWNES ASKED ... is ... a new Howl in the coyote Chorus."
    - Roy Hamric

    The only thing I will add at this time is that TOWNES ASKED is real Roxy -- a fresh slice of Americana Texas. As usual, his more-spoken-than-sung words are dark and deep. Music by Wes McGhee "is just the icing on the cake" (unrelated quote from a Jeff Talmadge song). If anyone would like to write a more extended review of this album, I would be happy to publish it. The CD and an e-copy of the May 2001 issue of "Picking Up the Tempo" (an e-zine) is available from Judy Gordon at Wowapi.

    (Review by Marquetta Herring reprinted from Texas Music Kitchen News, May 2001)

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