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Thank you for stopping by to check out the details
of our program for acquiring some of our Mini-Gift Certificate bookmarks that are designed to be shared with others for many circumstances and occasions.

What are subscriptions to a bookstore?

A subscription to Lucky Dog Books and Paperbacks Plus is signing up to buy one or more $5.00 Off Mini-Gift Certificates per month.

These are bookmarks that are styled for this purpose making them handy to carry around and easy to pass along to another reader should you want to "pay it forward" for them so to speak.

On our end, these function a lot like a "sustaining" membership at a public radio station such as KERA in that they provide a broader base of revenue with more predictability.

On your end, instead of you getting just a token "thank you gift", you get the full value of the money you provide to show support for the bookstores.

How do these subscriptions work?

These are done through and by Paypal so that you are not having to send us your payment info.

On the same day of each month, they will process your payment and send us a note saying that they have done so. We then mail you that month's supply of discount bookmarks.

These subscriptions can be cancelled at any time that they cease to meet your needs.

These Mini-Gift Certificates may indeed be given to others like a regular Gift Certificate or may be used by you or your family in a variety of ways as described on this webpage about them where thay may also be ordered on a one time basis. They have no expiration date and can be saved up for a larger purchase, kind of like one might do through a Christmas Club.

Monthly Subscription Amount

Why do a subscription?

The bookstores need your help, and this is a relatively painless way to pitch in and show your support while creating a more stable revenue base for them that will come in very handy during the slower times of the year.

We have about 2,000 likes on our Facebook pages and several hundred more of you who have signed up for the mailing lists for the bookstores. We are trying to make these expressions of support more tangible for both these folks so that they can have more confidence that working with us for the future will be a sound decision on their part.

Please sign up today at a level that suits your finances. We need to be able to show a significant level of immediate results. Thank you for considering this.

Feel free to drop me a line at if you have further questions, or wish to pass on a referral to someone else who you think might have a strong interest in helping the bookstores in this manner.