Volume 1, Number 1       Lucky Dog Drawing       November, 1996

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20th Anniversary

When we began the first store in Lakewood at 2307 Abrams in 1976, we never imagined that it would only be the first stop of a book odyssey.

But in our 20th year in the neighborhood, we find that we have much to celebrate, especially having landed in a permanent home.

As many of you know, we began our celebration of this anniversary with drawings for Rangers tickets this summer. We want to congratulate the winners of these tickets, and thank everyone who entered wishing you better luck next time.

We are concluding our Lakewood celebration in November with weekly drawings in the Lakewood store only each Saturday (11/9-11/30) to give away free book certificates. Sign up every week. Please see details where you enter.

And with a “thanksgiving” discount of 10% for the entire month on the cash part of any purchase in the Lakewood store by anyone who has ever traded books with us.

Those of you who have traded us stuff over the years are the folks who’ve made this store what it is, and we’d like to give our thanks to you in this way. This newsletter is going out late in the month, so if you haven’t had a chance to use this discount yet, just show us this newsletter on your next visit.

If you are reading this on the Web, please just print this page and take it with you the next time you visit the Lakewood store.

Paperbacks Plus
and the
World Wide Web

Yes, your little neighborhood bookstore is on the internet. Our online name is “Lucky Dog Books”. You can find us at:


What will you find there?

You’ll see lots of information about the stores of course, including a request form which you can use to submit your needs to us while online.

In fact, we recommend that you bookmark the request page so that you can get to it easily when web browsing when you come across something you’d like to have us keep an eye out for. You’ll also find links to lots of other book resources for your use.

There are at least two of these which interact directly with Lucky Dog Books. At “Readers’ Ndex” you can browse many publishers catalogs of new books online & if you place an order it is sent to us to fill for you. And at “The Electronic Book Aisle” you can sample new books online and place orders which earn us a commission. Many of these titles are downloadable.

There’s a current calendar of poetical, political, musical, social, and community events in the upstairs space at the Lakewood store with links to those participants on the web.

You can see listings of items for which other customers are looking in case you have something someone else needs.

We plan to keep adding information, links, and features as we go.

Click here to email us your comments and suggestions.