Why Lucky Dog?
By John R. Tilton

Some of you may have seen the little dog above before and wondered as we did at first why he seemed so happy. Finally dawned on us that he was so happy because he was a Lucky Dog. He had found the particular book he came for, quite against the odds as always is the needle in the haystack.

Its happened so many times that I have taken someone to the stacks to look for a particular title with no real reasonable expectation of having it, only to walk back exclaiming on what a Lucky Dog the seeker was today.

One of our bigger pleasures. The remaining mystery is how that little pup keeps his karma so good that he continues to be a Lucky Dog.

Welcome to our first gazette. We hope that you find it informative and somewhat entertaining. Wed welcome suggestions as to future features, continuing and otherwise.

If you have questions or comments about anything you see in here, please let me hear them by phone/fax/email or in person. Ask for John.

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