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Gift Certificates

Our old fashioned printed on real paper store gift certificates are one of the most flexible gifts you can give someone since they can be used on any of our books, DVDs, CDs, Comic Books, Vinyl, Magazines and much more at any of our locations.

And they can be combined with our store credit from trade-ins to extend their value.

These can be purchased at any of our locations. Or if you are out of the area but wish to have one or more mailed to someone here or elsewhere, use the menu and button provided here.

Gift Certificates
Below are several suggested ways to use them. If you think of others, please share them with us.

1) Use these for gifts for any occasion.

2) If you have store credit, there is no charge to use one of our Credit Transfer Certificates to give your recipient a matching amount from your account so that the amont of cash that you have to spend for them to get a certain value can be half as much.

3) Use these as incentives/rewards for performance, accomplishments, and the like at work, school or home if you have children who like to read.

4) Donate these to schools, churches, reading programs and others that have a library to maintain or teachers who need things for their classrooms.

And as ever, Lucky Dog Books Gift Certificates are honored at both our locations in Dallas.

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