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Thank you for stopping by to check out the details
of our search for some folks to do a "cafe"
in one or more of the bookstores.

Potential Food & Beverage Service At 1-3 Locations

We have two bookstores in Dallas and one in Mesquite that each could accommodate some level of cafe service.

Each has a different configuration, making for a variety of opportunities.

Proposals Welcome

We are looking for porposals from folks who might like the opportunity to create some form of a cafe within one or more of the bookstores.

The beginning terms would be very generous in terms of rent although an interested party would need to have the resources to do whatever was required to get started other than 1st and last month's rent.

We imagine scaling the rent to actual revenues after necessary expenses.


To get more info and discuss the areas at each bookstore that we are thinkng would be available, please email us at