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Thank you for stopping by to check out the details
of possibly buying one or more of the bookstores.

Potential Bookstore Purchase

We have two bookstores in Dallas and one in Mesquite that each could be available for purchase individually or as a group by the right person or persons.

Each has a different configuration, with one of them in owner occupied buildings making for a variety of opportunities in terms of real estate as well as the store itself.

Proposals Welcome

Marquetta and I have been doing this for a long time and have weathered many ups and downs. We feel that in the current situation, we have gotten the three bookstores to a plateau where they are poised for success. Any improvement over the current cash flow should take them into the black.

However, we realize that either younger folks, a different organizational model, or both, may be more effective in turning this corner at each location.

Although we would be happy to stay with them if we can find the resources to get to this next level, it is more important to us that the bookstores survive and thrive for the neighborhoods that are home to each of them.

So we are looking for proposals from folks who might like the opportunity to try their hand at one or more of the bookstores.

We are open to new owners being either individuals or a neighborhood group/co-op. We would be happy to entertain several different configurations including the matching buildings with any sale, or keeping them and just selling a bookstore itself. Click here for an interesting variation from a store in California.

And we would of course stay around to help train for a substantial period of time if needed.


To get more info and discuss particular bookstores that are of interest, please email us at