John's Plan For Better Living
aka: Plan X
aka: The "Real Deal"

Are you tired of the same old b___s___?
Are you tired of being manipulated?
Are you tired of the anger you and others feel?
Are you tired of the uncertainty of modern life? 
Well it doesn't have to be this way!
Not any longer than it takes us to figure out a better way and put it into effect. 
Another way to say this is that our problems are generally speaking neither "in our stars" nor "ourselves" but rather
"in our system". 
In the United States, a bunch of wonderful folks did a lot of good work over 200 years ago to figure out the basics of the system that evolved into what we have today. Nothing that is said herein is meant as a criticism of them or any of us who have followed them. 
But it is clear that there is a lot more work to be done now, much of it of the same kind that they did, i.e. figuring out a new way of organizing our affairs so that we may better achieve the very goals which they had in mind:
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
I am beginning this page and site as a way of providing a venue for those of us who wish to embark on this task; a place for us to focus on the real task at hand, namely figuring out the "Real Deal" (as differentiated from the "New Deal", the "Fair Deal", etc) and implementing a system that embodies it.

I use the above title merely to give a focus, to give a name to what we create so we have a way to refer to it and tell others about it as we try to give them hope that there are things which we can do to take control of our lives to the extent afforded by nature or whatever higher power in which one may believe.

I will start this out by sharing with you some of my observations, thoughts, and suggestions for starting points of thinking or action in this regard. But these are just starting points subject to any objection, observation, suggestion, or whatever else may come along in the next months and years from those of us who decide to participate in this endeavor.

Nothing which I say or propound here is the final word on anything. It will only be an expression of my own understanding or lack thereof at any given moment in time. There is much data collection and sharing that will need to be done by those more knowledgeable or better equipped than myself. All I really hope to do is to help set a framework for discussion and goals that will be useful to our desired ends.

Please keep in mind that folks have been working on and refining our current system for 200+ years. So I don't expect that we will be able to get everything just right or deal with every nuance of things at this beginning stage. There will be plenty more work to be done for a long time, I'm sure. And if it should turn out that mere modifications to the current system are sufficient to achieve our ends, then more power to it and let's do it that way.

Some of you may be concerned with terms such as capitalism, socialism, communism, libertarianism, utopianism, Fabianism, and the like, and may wonder which of these would best describe me or the system to be created. The best way I can describe myself is as a practical idealist.

I am less concerned with which system we arrive at or what we call it than I am with the end results I desire, namely more freedom and abundance, and less pain and aggravation for every individual of our country, and indeed the world.

Whatever you may call yourself (or others may call you), your participation here is welcome. This is not an effort to "preach to the converted" so to speak. Your input will be reflected herein and subject to comment and possible revision just as mine or anyone else's here. I hope that all, including myself, will keep an open mind as to the motives of each participant as well as a sense of humbleness as to the perfectness of any of our understanding.

For those of you outside the U.S.A., my intention is not to leave you out of this process. In fact your participation is welcome, but I feel that the initial focus has to be somewhat localized. Should we get enough interest from those in other countries, I will be happy to establish pages within this site to more closely focus on whichever country is warranted.
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Created 10/20/97