Lucky Dog Books
911 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas/Oak Cliff, Texas 75208
Phone: 214.941.2665
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Store Re-Opened
On February 1, 2020
this bookstore re-opened.

We are are busy putting the books back on the shelves at Lucky Dog Books at 911 W. Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff. More will be added soon.

We will be doing some rearranging to add more tables and chairs to make it easier to use our wifi.

And we will be instituting more events and other programming to make this bookstore more useful to all.

Thanks for all your support of our efforts to bring a wide ranging bookstore to the neighborhood. Please help us spread the word that this bookstore if up and running again.

Map & Parking:

The parking meters in front of the bookstore are only in effect from 10 am - 4 pm and only cost 25 cents per hour!

Here's a map showing our exact location. The parking lot behind the bookstore is no longer available for general parking.

If the parking spaces in front of the bookstore are full, there is often parking on the other side of Jefferson and also sometimes on Tyler on either side of Jefferson. In neighborhood shopping areas like this, we all prefer to be able to just pull in in front of the store we are going to.

But if we are shopping at a variety of other spots such as big box stores, movie theaters or malls, we nearly always have to walk some distance to get to them. Please don't let some extra walking keep you from coming to see us when things are busy in our block.

Our East Dallas location is open every day and you are welcome to use your gift certificates and credit from trade-ins there just the same as here in Oak Cliff.

We welcome your email and phone inquiries for requests for specific titles and authors.

Please check out our calendar of special events and ongoing meetings of community groups!


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To: Lucky Dog Books -- East Dallas

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You may contact the bookstores by email or call 214.941.2665.

Page last changed December 1, 2020.