Garland Road Gallery

We have a good sized room that is available for use for many purposes.
If you see that an event is happening at Lucky Dog Books on Garland Road, it will usually be in this room.

It is normally setup like a larger living room with several couches
and upholstered chairs dispersed through out.

The stuff on the walls will change as art of various sorts becomes available.
Folding tables and chairs as well as podia of one sort or another are also available to rearrange as needed.

There is usually refrigeration and a microwave available
if you would wish to provide refreshments of some kind that would be aided by them.

If you have an idea or a need, please talk to us about the details.
We’re especially interested in daytime programs,
but we do have some evenings available as well from time to time.

Email us at or call John at 214-827-4860.

Last Updated January 13, 2012